about sabrea.

let's pretend i'm super interesting for a second..

things i love.

slam poetry (spoken word). I competed in slams in my teenage years (16-19) and learned so much about my craft & the philly writing scene. PYPM4life.

music - specifically 90's R&B.

a full set. preferably long with a nude coat.

bike rides at kelly drive.

rap battles.

food (mostly bagels.)

you. because you're here :)

  • When is the next Tomboy update? (Wattpad)

    Hopefully before the summer :(

  • When is the next ICY update? (Wattpad)

    Chapter 23 was last updated 3/2024. Go check it out if you aren't caught up!

  • Do you have any signed copies of your novels?

    Coming very soon!