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Kelz was everything to Azure. Her first boyfriend, first lover, you name it.
After four years of young love, Azure wakes up to a text that shatters her world.
Kelz was done with her, without so much as an explanation. Azure spends weeks searching for answers, but fate has a funny way of changing her heart's tune when she meets Nico Graham, during spring break in Miami.

Nico Graham's world consists of two things - boxing and women. He is the undefeated knockout king in the boxing ring, taking on his career headstrong while battling school and the friends he keeps. He wasn't the relationship type, that he knew. However his theory is challenged when he runs into the golden brown painter, Azure.

In a tale of pure fate, Azure and Nico find themselves falling in love in their crazy world. When temptation comes knocking at their house of love, will they stand strong?

When Shia Moore is released from prison after a five year bid, he expects his life to fall right back into place.
Instead of being welcomed back with open arms from the love of his life, he is met with betrayal and circumstances he didn't see coming. As he fights to gain control of his life and figure out a plan to get back to the top, he finds himself struggling with the humble reset, his bruised heart, and the temptation to return to his past ways.

Heaven Cortez is no stranger to starting over either. On a journey to re-invent herself and heal from her past, she spends most of her days building her bakery business and running away from anything close to love. That is until she meets Shia, whose charm and sharp tongue keep her on her toes. While the last thing she needs is another broken heart, Heaven is willing to risk it all despite those warning her of dealing with the notorious man.

In a tale of pure love, Heaven and Shia find solace in their addictive connection. When their past doesn't agree with their future, will their new love be enough?

When fiery food critic Rubi Lexington runs into her longtime crush Ivery Sanders, 

the two finally to take things to the next level. As the lines get blurred between love & lust, Rubi must come to terms with the rules of love while Ivery feels the pressure to bring the heat. 

*Kindle Vella story*

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